Danielle Marks daniellemarks2015 (at) u (dot) northwestern (dot) edu
As a Northwestern undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering and Global Health, I am interested in infectious disease prevention, particularly HIV prevention. In order to infect the female reproductive system, the HIV virus must infect susceptible immune cells protected by epithelium of the cervix. The virus must first travel through a layer of mucus found covering the cervix. My research focuses on analyzing trajectories that describe the mobility of HIV viral particles diffusing through the cervical mucus. Currently, I am studying ordinary random walk and Lévy flight processes as possible models of viral particle diffusion.

Elysia Cecilla Saputra
My research focuses on the coupling of steric, electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions in controlling the nucleocytoplasmic translocation of macromolecules through the nuclear pore complex (NPC). The effect of particle and polymer type and structure, as well as various environmental conditions such as pH and salt concentration, is studied through a computer model that takes into account all these factors. I am currently pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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